Crywank + Chastity
Lost Lake Presents

Crywank + Chastity

All Ages
Lost Lake Presents Crywank + Chastity on Sunday, April 19th


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Crywank was started in Manchester in 2009 by James Clayton as a solo project despite having no previous experience playing guitar. The project started the night Clayton learnt their first two chords and wrote their first two songs (Welcome to Castle Irwell, Thomas Saunders Gang Chant). Lyrically focusing on the end of their first relationship whilst contending with moving away, and musically heavily influenced by American folk punk and anti-folk, their first album ‘James is Going To Die Soon’ became a cult favourite on the internet, both for its charm and many flaws.


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Channeling the feeling of youth on the fringe, Chastity focuses on the earnest connections found amongst the pent up suburban blue-collar. Living in Whitby Ontario, Brandon Williams creates music in a space of urgency, melody and chaos - an artifact of youth culture that bridges isolation and collectivity. Chastity is a stand out temperament in punk, in recent history sharing the stage with Metz, Deafheaven and Fucked Up, the project carries in the ethic of solidarity, antagonistic to the status quo. The new record, Home Made Satan, is out now.

Venue Information:
Lost Lake
3602 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO, 80206