Justin Bank
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Justin Bank

Ages 16+
Lost Lake Presents Justin Bank on Wednesday, April 29th --

Justin Bank


Bank grew up with a variety of musical influences, starting with the family record collection but taking a different turn when at a young age his father took him to a record store in the late '70s and let him select any album the then-6-year-old boy wanted. His first choice? KISS. "Due primarily to the image of the band’s groupies dressed up with KISS make-up and Kabuki style dominatrix attire," Bank recalls. "I picked up their album Love Gun and for some reason my father thought it was age appropriate! … I have no idea what he was thinking."

As a teenager his uncle gave him the sage advice to learn the guitar "because girls love guitars," Bank listened a was eventually seduced by the sounds of bluegrass, classic and psychedelic rock. A multi year study of the likes of the Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin and R.E.M. followed suit, all of which Bank identifies as "huge role models especially when it came to learning how to play the guitar."

The heavy hitters on his personal play list in the last several years have been such artists as George Harrison (his favorite Beatle), Tom Waits, Graham Parsons, Richard Thompson and, of course, Bob Dylan — all of whom have had a major impression on not just his songwriting but on his outlook on life, Bank says.

The Arkansas native who says he fashions his songwriting after the straightforward approaches of Dylan, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Sr. has an impressive vocal range, and many of the songs he performs showcase that strength, such as his original "Smooth Sounds," with its rolling, train-like beat and vintage-rock guitar riffs, and Bank's cover of Donovan's deep cut "To Sing For You."

Audience members will also enjoy other great originals such as "Won't You Come Around (WYCA)," which features the introspective modern-poetry lyrical style of, say, John Prine and a gritty Americana/roots-rock sound not unlike that of 60’s Outlaw Country stalwarts.

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Lost Lake
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Denver, CO, 80206