Ryan McMullan
Lost Lake Presents

Ryan McMullan

Ages 16+
Lost Lake Presents Ryan McMullan on Saturday, February 1st

Ryan McMullan

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Portaferry native Ryan McMullan is set to release his second single ‘Rebellion’ from his forthcoming album (due for release in 2020) on 6th of September 2019. “ 'Rebellion' is about having to smile when it’s killing you. About doing the things we don’t want to and having to pretend and act like we do.” The song begins focussing on the lyrics and a simple guitar line, building to a powerfully percussive track with Ryan’s vocals gliding over the top as he sings the key line, ‘…how do you keep on pretending, when your heart’s in rebellion.

Venue Information:
Lost Lake
3602 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO, 80206