Silver & Gold / Overslept / Neon The Bishop / Coastal Wives
Lost Lake Presents

Silver & Gold

Overslept, Neon The Bishop, Coastal Wives

Ages 18+
Lost Lake Presents Silver & Gold on Saturday, December 14th

Silver & Gold

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Silver & Gold produces heartfelt, energetic alternative rock in Northern Colorado


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The waking moment when you realize you've overslept creates a unique sensation of urgency. That call to participate in the world and utilize what is left of the time you have is what inspired Elias Armao, Corban Roberts, Evan Zeller, and Mickey Postilion to pursue music earnestly. Since Overslept's conception in December 2013 that mentality has grown the project from its acoustic-pop roots to a four-piece band with a consistent touring focus and no intention of sleeping in.

Neon The Bishop


Neon the Bishop is the band and story about a fictional and fallen clergyman. Neon's story is told through the textures of a 6-piece group whose eclectic roots and musical backgrounds converge for an electrifying indie blend.

Coastal Wives

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Coastal Wives is a four piece indie blues rock band based out of Denver Colorado. This 3 year old band boasts a big sound. They play loud.

Venue Information:
Lost Lake
3602 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO, 80206