Taylor Maxwell
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Taylor Maxwell

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Lost Lake Presents Taylor Maxwell on Saturday, April 3rd --

Taylor Maxwell

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Imagine the feeling of staring out the passenger side window on a road trip. Hand out the window, air passing below it, as the scenery gradually changes. Driving through vast-stretching plains where the grasses extend out to the horizon. Watching sediment-layered rocks rush by as you drive along switchbacks in the mountains. Feeling the dry air as you pass through the sun-warmed dirt of the desert. Nose tingling with pine and the silent crispness of snowfall. Breathing in heavy humidity through dense, ivy covered forest.

Those spaces of wild between one place and another is where the music of Taylor Maxwell calls you. Each song explores moments of time with a roundedness that fills space. His lyrics focus on these moments and evoke emotion with a quiet precision. His clear tenor, at times gentle and reassuring, other times urgently pleading, winds through each song as he guides you through the process of sitting in the present. “I grew up being told that you have to live your life with a strong purpose, and that every life is meant to win gold medals and be first place.” Says Taylor, “Now I’m kind of deconstructing that belief in myself and realizing that ordinary moments are the most important.”

This theme of redefinition is something that Maxwell is intimately versed in. His roots are in the Bible Belt of the South, where he grew up surrounded by extended family. When he began to travel on his own, he fell in love with Colorado and the landscape of the Rocky Mountains. He felt the western state drawing him to her and found his home in the city of Denver where he now resides with his family.

While his southern roots may not appear in his accent, they permeate his music through the southern rock flavor that is his foundation. With pedal steel and well-rounded instrumentals, his music blends the familiar sounds of Americana with the lyrical poetry of folk.

Maxwell’s writing process comes from a deep well of emotion. His life has been affected greatly by his struggles with anxiety and depression, and he uses his experiences to drive his art to a greater understanding of his place in the world. “I’ve been looking around and realizing that everything is gone in all these emotional oases that I’ve built where I went to for hope and joy. This experience with anxiety and depression has really shaped everything about me over the last couple of years, but it has been good because I feel like I have been able to get a lot more honesty out from all of that.” That honesty and vulnerability makes his songs achingly poignant. Coupled with guitar and instrumentals reminiscent of David Ramirez and Mumford & Sons his music becomes magnetic and draws in those who are struggling to find their own definition of life instead of the one that was handed to them.

Maxwell is currently finishing up the recording proces of his upcoming EP “Wilderness”

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