Wheelchair Sports Camp / Dry Ice / Rocket Dust
Lost Lake Presents

Wheelchair Sports Camp

Dry Ice, Rocket Dust

Ages 18+
Lost Lake Presents Wheelchair Sports Camp Wednesday, October 12th

Wheelchair Sports Camp

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Combining humor, playfulness, radical political perspectives, compassion and undeniable musical chops, Wheelchair Sports Camp is Denver's biggest smallest band. Fronted by the wheelchair using, rapping, beat-making activist/educator/shit-talker Kalyn, the band is a combination of live and electronic instruments with a more noisey, jazzy, experimental, combination to the traditional hip-hop group. The band has been featured on the cover of the Village Voice as well as in SPIN Magazine, Huffington Post, High Times Magazine and more. You can't really pin Kalyn's beats and collaborators to a specific era or subgenre of hip-hop, and she always switches up her configuration and presentation and methodology while making the music happen in consistently fascinating ways.

Dry Ice

Rocket Dust

Venue Information:
Lost Lake
3602 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO, 80206