Bonnie & The Clydes

Lost Lake Lounge Presents

Bonnie & The Clydes

Soundrabbit, Jami Lunde, The Samuel Edgar Band

Saturday, 1/14

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 18 and over

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Bonnie & The Clydes
Bonnie & The Clydes
Bonnie Sims commands the stage with a natural presence of a songstress beyond her years. At twenty seven she has already established herself as a hard working woman of this modern musical era, doing the majority of booking and managing for the band as well. Bonnie sings with a voice that seems too big for her petite (almost) five foot frame, belting to the back row wherever she is with heart and soul. Her energy is infectious and undeniable, she makes it easy to love and impossible to sit still, be it an emotional evoking ballad or a peel-the-paint country rocker. The band consists of Taylor Sims (Bonnie's husband) on electric guitar and vocals, Caleb Roberts on bass guitar, and Jake Coffin on drums. In addition to Taylor's electric guitar and vocal contribution to the band, he and Bonnie also pool there songwriting talents to co-write many tunes that define the unique Bonnie & the Clydes' sound.

In early 2011, Bonnie & the Clydes released their self titled debut album to much critical acclaim. The album became #18 in Colorado Sounds' Best of 2011 year end review. They followed that one with WRONG SIDE UP, released in July 2012. In promoting WRONG SIDE UP, Bonnie & the Clydes worked with Bill Wence Productions out of Nolensville, TN. The album saw success on the AMA chart, reaching #30 and the single, "Dark Side of the Road", charted with New Music Weekly's country singles, reaching #30 as well. "Music for the People; Part 1" was released in early 2014 and is available for free if you go to our website URL and add /exclusive -bonus for reading the bio! And thanks.
Bonnie & the Clydes
We're four musicians with varied backgrounds and influences, which comes across in the music we create. We've been called a 'rock' band, a 'jam' band, an 'indie' band, a 'singer/songwriter' band, a 'jazzy' band, a "folk' band, a 'newgrass band,' and every combination thereof. After shows, people who say 'hello' at our merch table have told us we sound like everything from "old school Weezer," to Wilco, Bon Iver, the Talking Heads, Ben Folds Five, Arlo Guthrie, Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin, DMB, and Living Colour {that is an actual list of comparisons we've heard}.

We love seeing the country through our van's windows. We have a bumper sticker that reads "RBT," and people ask us if it's short for "Robot," but those in the know take photos holding it in places all over the world, from the Coliseum in Rome to the tops of mountains in Colorado, to remote villages in South America.

At every show, we thank whatever venue we're playing for hosting live, original music from up-and-coming artists like ourselves. We appreciate each and every fan who is with us here in the early days of our burgeoning little SoundRabbit community. We're fighting the battle for ears at this stage in the game, and you're our best ally.
Jami Lunde
Reverb drenched songs for the sad at heart. Songs found in the debris of train wrecks, at the bases of brick walls and empty wells.

Jami Lunde Big Black Birds Press Release 2011
The gray blankets me inside the rounded windows of this vintage 1966 Overlander Airstream as I sit at this dinette table overlooking the frozen Saint Vrain River on a cold January Colorado day. My little turn table with a small handful of albums I was playing last fall sit here next to me and I am listening to The Heart of Saturday Night on a Sunday Morning. I have a little electric hot water heater that does the trick for all most everything and I wonder how I got here.
I’ve been keeping company with Big Black Birds in the strangest of places: The Cold Blue Winter Skies of Colorado, walking the hot sands of South East Asia, and under the smiling palm trees of Los Angeles, California.They fly along as I drive thousands of miles every month from there and to here and keep me from feeling too alone all too often.
I’ve traveled more in the last 3 years than I have in what were the years that came before. I have lived in sporadic seclusion in a log cabin without running water in Fraser, Colorado, in a tin ceilinged store front on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, California, in grassy two dollar a night paper huts on the Beaches of Western Thailand, Beautifully carved Balinese Bungalows in Indonesia, and slept on bamboo platforms watching the sea foam green for days on end overlooking the Indian Ocean. I lived for a couple years in a one room garage apartment that was on the verge of being swallowed whole by sunflowers and cucumber vines in Lyons, Colorado, I’ve had some short sentences in basements with and without doors. I am now cultivating another bed in one more basement with a door and also splitting my time in a minty airstream with just an extension cord to the outside world. I know it's kind of schizophrenic.I write songs on envelopes in my car as I drive back and forth and I record them with the help of the ones who turned up at the right time.
I remain in relative obscurity as I am releasing my second album, which I believe is a collection of conversations between me and the black birds that fly alongside me. Sylvia Plath once said ‘Everyone in me is a bird. I am beating all my wings’ and I feel that to be as true of a thing to say as anything I’ve heard before. I have attempted to gather up the words that fall into my mind and place them into the songs that come from nowhere at all. Musically pulling from the neighborhoods and avenues where the songs I love come from the words and guitars of Kathleen Edwards, Lucinda Williams, Neil Young, Ryan Adams and Jay Farrar and so on…
My favorite writers that come to mind are: Harper Lee, Sylvia Plath, Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Hubert Selby, Jr, Peter Jenkins, Henry Rollins, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Lesser and Elizabeth Gilbert- Somehow I sew the red string between them all. I drive an Outback with 186,000 miles on it and she’s burning more oil that she used to. I tend to drive fast in the middle of the night in snowy blizzards when I am coming back home to him over the Great Divide. I have friends all over the world and I consider each one of them a home I am constantly trying to get back to. I am a Gibson Guitar player with a strong right hand. I don’t know what I am doing or how I come up with the things I do- I don’t know the math, how to solve the equation or what the answers are but what I do have are my songs that came from nowhere in particular. My favorite album is Gregg Allman Laid back and I don’t even like Gregg Allman all that much but I love that album and I have 3 copies of it. It’s my number one go to.
I was born December 14, 1971 in Gary, Indiana. I used to drink more than I do now. Which is none. But I live the life of a bar fly. First one there and the last to leave. I've used Oil of Olay since I was 14 and think to myself: 'at least I have pretty eyes.' I can’t sing harmony on your song and I don’t want to play pool. My idea of a good time is getting lost in a record store on a Tuesday Afternoon, eating at the places that just might give me instantaneous diarrhea and the warm crackling sound that comes off of 180 gram vinyl through my giant 1976 speakers. I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in over 3 years and I wish I could still see a show at The Lounge Ax- but those days are long gone.
Now with two albums under my belt and all those birds metaphorically tattooed on my skin, I trust that I can secure enough club dates to keep me moving. I’ve played The Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, The Wild Flower Pavilion at Planet Bluegrass, The Winter Park Folk Festival, The Grand County Blues Festival, The Grand Lake Folk Festival, All kinds of Bars and music venues around Colorado, showcased at conferences in Austin and San Diego and have a music production company called Awnry Girl Productions (for reasons most don’t know…) I do music things. I have a rediculously talented group of musicians on this album who all got me from the first minute we met: Eben Grace, Todd Patrick Livingston, Jack Leahy, Greg McRae, Brian Schey, Ian Morlock, and Chris Funk of The Decemberists. I consider the drinkers at my bar to be my family and they are the ones who are gonna buy this album because
I serve those drinks and my dreams…

Your friend and mine,
Jami Lunde
The Samuel Edgar Band
The Samuel Edgar Band formed in Denver, CO in March 2013. Equal parts folk, country, rock, funk, punk, reggae and blues, The Samuel Edgar Band creates thought-provoking music of a broad appeal. The band got its start as a three-piece, with Samuel Edgar (vocals, guitar), Neil Dreger (bass, vocals), and Ari Rubinstein (drums, vocals). They played short sets with Follies Voudou, a variety show hosted by Denver burlesque personality Frenchie Renard. In the fall of 2013 the band released “Hatchet,” a six song, self-recorded and engineered EP of original songs. At the “Hatchet” release show at Denver’s Hi-Dive, Emily Cooper (percussion, vocals) joined the band and began her integration into the group. In Fall 2014, The Samuel Edgar Band released “Up To The Sky,” a seven song self-recorded EP of original songs. After a year and a half of solid gigging, The Samuel Edgar Band has returned to the studio to cut its first full length, 15 song album to be released in early Summer 2016.
Venue Information:
Lost Lake
3602 E. Colfax Ave
Denver, CO, 80206