My Education

Lost Lake Presents

My Education

Animal Actress, The Maykit

Monday, 6/26

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

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My Education

(Reuters) These are some of the interesting things you’ll see on your next long distance flight, courtesy of My Education:

-Bukowski’s gin-soaked bars, where Mickey Rourke orders more libations for his boon companions
-The half-pipes, grind rails, and bad haircuts of Mr. 1986
-The midi-enhanced cavemen of Roboter-Hohlenbewohner
-The final testimonials of the pilots of doomed airliners
-A frenetic and violent outburst from a laboratory golem

These and other fabulous environs will be reached by the listener as he or she revels in the richly rewarding cinematic journey that is A Drink for All My Friends, the new LP by Austin instrumentalists My Education. Recorded in almost painfully sincere high fidelity sound by Alex Lyon at the Bubble, this album is, quite simply, a motherfucker.

None could doubt the ascendancy of My Education after the success of Sunrise, their last album, composed of pieces from their original score for F.W. Murnau’s 1927 silent masterpiece “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans”. Having perfected the Sunrise material with live film performances over the last two years that sold out shows across the USA, My Education has now moved on to the most dramatic and heaviest expressions of their career. A Drink for All My Friends is released on Headbump/Haute Magie in the USA on Nov. 6th, and on Golden Antenna in Europe on March 29th.

Since forming in 1999, the band’s membership has expanded and contracted while the sonic landscapes have grown with each release. My Education has released 5 full-length albums, several singles, compilation appearances, and a 12" vinyl collaboration with avant-hip hop duo Dalek. Recordings have been remixed by members of bands Kinski, Pelican, the Red Sparowes and Dalek. Their previous albums include 5 Popes, Italian, Moody Dipper, Bad Vibrations, Sunrise & Sunrise Remixes.

My Education have toured the US regularly since 2001; done regional tours with both Maserati and the Red Sparowes, and shared the stage with A Place to Bury Strangers, Hawkwind, Kinski, Bardo Pond, Dalek, The Black Angels, The Sea and Cake, Warpaint, Alexander Hacke/Algis Kizys duo, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, This Will Destroy You, Sleepy Sun, White Denim, Radar Bros., Eluvium, Sian Alice Group, Don Caballero, Trans AM and many others.

In June 2010 the band completed a series of improvisational recordings with Salt Lake City ensemble Theta Naught that were released April 2011 on Differential Records. "SoundMass" performances at SXSW and Austin Psych Fest were greeted with wild acclaim, and a Daytrotter SoundMass session was released in July 2011. Vinyl of this release is brand new and out now – more SoundMass performances are currently being scheduled to promote the vinyl and new recordings are also in the works. My Education’s collaboration with the Noble Motion dance company premiered with three sold out shows in June 2011 at the Austin Ballet. A new limited edition CD of Sunrise remixes is out now on Reverb Worship as well as a limited edition live “bootleg” CD entitled “Bamboozled” from the band’s 2010 tour. This year has seen My Education’s first European tour in Spring 2013, a few SXSW 2013 showcases, a 35 Denton showcase, performances at Dunk! Festival and Doom Over Leipzig.
Animal Actress
On the following day, when the first ranger patrols, their hair singed, their faces blackened by smoke, cautiously stepped over the warm ashes in the charred forest and reached the lakeshore, a horrible and amazing sight met their eyes. The lake looked like a vast sheet of white marble on which rested hundreds upon hundreds of horses’ heads. They appeared to have been chopped off cleanly with an ax. Only the heads stuck out of the crust of ice. And they were all facing the shore. The white flames of terror still burnt in their wide-open eyes.
The Maykit
The Maykit
"What a horrible way to begin." I couldn't disagree more with the opening lyrics of The Maykit's third full length album, Moonboy. From the onset, this record has everything it takes to make a complete, well-rounded banquet for the ear. For appetizers, you'll receive somesoft, ethereal sounds and samples. You might find yourself asking how did they get a recording of angel wings fluttering through the ether, or is that the tinkling melody of broken dreams dancing through a starry night? I'm afraid there can be no answer, but for the next course your ear-palate will get a deliciously bright, well balanced mix of rocking, rolling, and swaying with a creamy dollop of this sweet, sing-along quality. By the end of the third song, "Bottom of the Ocean", you'll be feeling satisfied by thewell-roundedness of this recording and the beautiful mix of simplicity and subtle complications, but you'll still be craving more. Then comes the main course of this album, "Sinking Ships". Enter the dreamy cadence of the violin, and who's that sing/screaming in the background, and how does he manage to so perfectly complement this melancholy jam? Oh, it's Adam Fisher, I remember that guy, from Orbs and Fear Before the March of Flames. The course continues, with all the highs and lows one would expect from an album that starts as well as it finishes. You'll linger over a rich, deep glass of sound-wine, and maybe get a little tipsy from the exquisite and, for a lack of a better word, experimental sounds and effects present in this album, which are so well placed that you'd hardly notice them, or the brilliant overall effect they have. And finally for desert just savor the melodious, silvery speech of the guitar and let the aftertaste of beauty, sadness, euphoria, and revelation wash over you with Moonboy's closing song, "The Outcome".

​Now you're probably wondering a little bit about The Maykit, like who are they, and what have they done to me? The Maykit is Max Winne, self-effacing front man, singer, guitarist, songwriter and musical samurai. He is accompanied on this album by Joel Matthews on drums, and Noah Matthews on bass and some guitar. Joel and Noah constitute The Maykit's live band. Also on this album are Ryan Brasher on violin, and Adam Fisher with background vocals. The record was mixed and mastered by Tim Garak at Mammoth Cave Recording Studios. Album artwork, by Andres Guzman. The Maykit has been making music since 2009, their first full length album was released in 2011. In 2013 alone The Maykit has played with a lot of indie heavy hitters like David Dondero, Tim Kasher(Cursive), Damien Jurado, Kevin Devine, Slow Club, andPoor Moon (members of Fleet Foxes). Follow The Maykit as they tour nationally and come to a city near you @themaykit on twitter, give a listen at iTunes or Spotify, and make them your friend on Facebook.
-Levi Andrew Noe
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