Scooter Brown Band

Lost Lake Presents

Scooter Brown Band

Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts, The Wyatts

Thursday, 5/31

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$16 - $20

This event is 16 and over

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Scooter Brown Band
Scooter Brown Band
After 4 years and 3 months, 2 tours overseas with 1 tour of combat in Iraq as a United
States Marine, Scott Brown traded his guns in for guitars and hit the road. The Scooter
Brown Band was formed in 2005 and played mainly in and around Houston, Texas. It
wasn't until 2009 with the release of their first studio album, "Between Hell & Texas,"
that they gained a notable presence in the music scene. Along with their growing
notoriety came their first radio single "Apology." Other radio releases were soon to
follow and include "Whiskey Talkin", "Soldiers Christmas Eve", "Feels Like Home,",
"Summer Song". In 2010, Scooter Brown Band put out the album "LIVE at BIG
TEXAS". In 2013, they followed up with their next studio album, "VALOR." The title
track was co-written by Navy Seal & American Sniper, Chris Kyle.
The newest self-titled album "Scooter Brown Band" was released in September 2015. This
album is a move in a different direction for the band with a lot more "Southern Rock"
influence. Radio singles, "Hard Times" & "Olivia" have already come off this record with great
SBB has put out four records but their live show is where people truly become
fans. SBB has toured Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri,
Alabama, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Wisconsin, New
York, Washington D.C., and Tennessee, headlining shows and opening for some of
the biggest names in the business. In 2016, Scooter Brown Band was fortunate enough
to join forces with well established Nashville booking agents at APA & manged by
David Corlew of the Charlie Daniels Band.
With 2 of the 4 members being prior military, the band spends a lot of time doing
work for Veteran Support Organizations like Base Camp 40 - Warriors in the
Wild, Lone Survivor Foundation, and the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.
Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts
Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts
The Wyatts
As far back as he can remember, Roscoe Wyatt has always had “the song” playing in his head. Those eternal, celestial sounds that are transmitting thru our universe have permeated his life and set him on this course of songwriting and performing. There's been no escaping or hiding from it.

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, his ears and mind were exposed to some of the most extraordinary music written over the last 50 years. The likes of Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Willie Nelson, Prince, The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, the Eagles the sounds of the Philadelphia based blue eyed soul movement, all were setting the ingredients out for him to set forth on his own path later in life.

Flash forward to 2004 in Tucson, Arizona and the start of his country inspired band, The Wyatts. Achieving his first non-commercial radio station success for his charted Americana single- 24 Miles, Roscoe and his band knew they were onto something. Pulling from their love of classic country music and finely crafted pop songs, The Wyatts soon dominated the Arizona music screen for the next 8 plus years. His new home town of Tucson soon fell victim to his passionate and infections songs and awarded him and The Wyatts several honors: Band of the Year (2006-2008), Songwriter of the Year (2007), Male Vocalist of the Year (2006) along with various other awards, accolades and praise. Regional touring thru the mid 2000’s exposed Roscoe and The Wyatts to a larger audience and set the stage for their two self produced CDs: 2005’s- The Wyatts (self titled release) and 2007’s- The Continuing Saga of the Wyatts, Volume One. Along with these releases were numerous festival shows (like their electrifying 2007 Country Thunder appearance) and various TV and radio performances. Then came CD number 3.

After realizing a change musically was needed, Roscoe packed up and headed to California in 2013 to continue working on The Wyatts third CD release. Taking a break from his band and touring, the next 2 years found him in the studio finalizing the new sound, style and direction of The Wyatts next CD but also working on his long overdue solo release. Then in 2015 as all of the pieces of the Wyatts new album were finally completed, Roscoe decided on moving again heading east this time. Colorado.

Much like a driver stuck in traffic scanning the radio dial, Roscoe too is searching. Looking for that song that defines him as a songwriter and artist. The mountains of Colorado are giving Roscoe a new perspective on who he is and what he wants to create. From country to pop, RnB to rock, funk to folk, Roscoe is all in and building an impressive collection of songs inspired by the many events, people, places and sounds that have given him so much joy all these years. With The Wyatts new CD set to be released mid 2016 and some solo singles releasing though out the year as well, Roscoe is back in the saddle and ready to show the world just what cosmic radio station he's been tuning into. The wait is over, Roscoe Wyatt has returned.
Venue Information:
Lost Lake
3602 E. Colfax Ave
Denver, CO, 80206