Fist Fight

Lost Lake Presents

Fist Fight

MF Ruckus, Hydraform, Smiths Grove

Saturday, 12/8

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$10 - $15

This event is 21 and over

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Fist Fight
Fist Fight
Born from the Colorado metal scene, rarely does a band this versatile and powerful come about, with goals of dominating audiences and searing their blazing sound into the minds of those listening. By way of a thunderous approach, Fist Fight is a combination of numerous musical philosophies and styles which comes at you from every possible angle. Utilizing raw, yet polished techniques at the same time, they fold in a unique blend of technical ability, hardcore, grove and traditional metal riffs accompanied by punkish tones, and a level of unforeseen forceful aggression that commands notice by pounding onlookers' teeth down their throats with a take no prisoners attitude.

The initial foundation of Fist Fight was laid in December 2010 when guitarists Jon METAL Maggard and Nick A. Rich began to build the band from the ground up. Bassist Adrian Montoya joined the duo in March 2011, and after trying out
vocalists, front man Dustin Holmer solidified the monster collection of talent to create Fist Fight.
MF Ruckus
MF Ruckus
MF Ruckus to celebrate premier of Chapter 2 motion comic and Chapter 3 print edition in their Rock-a-Lyptic series, The Front Lines of Good Times at Lost Lake with a fresh crop of budding talent.
The international power-rock combo ​MF RUCKUS ​are set to release the second installment in their epic, apocalyptic, animated comic ​The Front Lines of Good Times ​as well as the print edition of the 3rd chapter in the series. The double release party will take place at the historic Lost Lake Lounge on east Colfax in Denver on Friday, July 26th from 8:30 pm - 12:30 am. This is planned to coincide with the motion comic’s global, online premier that very day. It has been over two years since the release of Chapter 1 in the series and nearly 4 years since the idea’s inception.

The Front Lines of Good Times ​tells the story of ​MF Ruckus ​as a band of itinerant scrappers and entertainers trying to make their way and survive in the hostile wasteland of the not-so-distant future. The story is written by ​MF Ruckus ​frontman, Aaron Howell and illustrated by ​This is Heavy Metal ​creator and ​Hail Satan ​frontman, Jake Fairly. The motion comic is animated by the visionary and talented Macy Lytle, based out of Portland, OR. It features the voice talents of the band members themselves as well as a few of their more die-hard fans and family. The musical soundtrack comes directly from the band’s forthcoming album, ​The Front Lines of Good Times Vol I: Mutants, Marauders and Magic Mamas.

MF Ruckus ​are thrilled to celebrate this release and blow off some steam with a raucous, jam-packed set of fan favorites, new bangers and perhaps a few surprises. Following a long, arduous, uphill push to get this project finished, Aaron Howell had this to say:
“We’ve been through two illustrators, 3 animators, revision upon revision, the loss of a bandmate, babies, weddings, two cross-country relocations and a long studio process just to see this crazy little idea take one more baby step in it’s overall development. It’s time to party.”

The Front Lines of Good Times ​chapter 2 print edition has been making it’s way around the indie music and comic scene throughout 2019, having been featured in articles on podcasts and appearing on tables at both DINK and the Denver Pop Culture-Con. Everyone involved with the project is very excited to see the motion comic edition bring this story to life. The print edition of Chapter 3 in the series promises to expand upon the FLOGT universe, ramp up the drama and raise the stakes in ways ​MF Ruckus ​fans and indie comic aficionados are sure to enjoy.

The release party at Lost Lake Tavern will feature supporting acts The Diffusers (Denver debut show), Cease Fire, FLOGT illustrator Jake Fairly’s own satanic metal caricaturistic combo Hail Satan in addition to the headlining performance by ​MF Ruckus​ preceded by a big screen viewing of ​The Front Lines of Good Times Chapter 2: Making a Killing. ​Lost Lake was chosen for it’s intimate setting, killer sound and capacity for a wild and sweaty night of fun.

For more info on the ​MF Ruckus ​and ​The Front Lines of Good Times​, please visit and
In 2011, under the name Eiron, Jay Streifer (guitar) and Tyler Toth (drums) laid the foundation for Hyrdaform.
In 2013, Eiron became Hydraform when joined by Carter Pashko (vocals) and John Jarvinen (bass and hair) and a four-headed musical beast was born.
Smiths Grove
Smiths Grove
Loud, fast, heavy three piece born and raised in the mile high city on a mission to bring back hard hitting music.
Venue Information:
Lost Lake
3602 E. Colfax Ave
Denver, CO, 80206